Intensive Care Unit

The mission of the intensive care unit at Beit Chabab Hospital Center, is to provide the best care for all the patients having critical conditions forexample patients who have a vital function failure or who are at risk of developing a severe complication.

This department is equipped with 4 beds in 4 separate rooms that are highly specialized through having vital technical equipment such as:

  • Vital Signs Patient Monitors
  • Respirators
  • Cautery Machines

That can measure venous and arterial invasive pressures where it is centralized in the nursing station for optimal patient monitoring.

These technical means are implemented on a continuous basis by a multidisciplinary team (resuscitator, nurses, nursing aides, physiotherapists, psychologist, pharmacist and other physicians of different specialties) available 24/7 to detect, prevent and correct acute and presumed reversible imbalances related to the underlying condition (disease, surgery, trauma, intoxication).

Likewise, the healthcare team is very well trained to face critical conditions in the intensive care unit, such as the installation of central and arterial catheters, hemodialysis Kt, thoracic drains & tracheotomies...

The four rooms of the intensive care unit are also equipped so that they can perform hemodialysis sessions at the patient's bed.

Beit Chabab Hospital Center’s priority is to serve patients with high quality of services and provide them with the best safety measures.