Infectious Diseases

The Center for Diseases Control and prevention defines the Healthcare-associated infections as infections that patients acquire during the course of receiving treatment for other conditions within a healthcare setting.

Healthcare-associated infections (HAI) threatens patient safety therefore, it is now a regular practice in most hospitals worldwide to establish infection control committee with a mandate to monitor and prevent hospital acquired infections.

This Committee will develop an annual program of actions implemented by the operational team of hospital hygiene. This program is particularly: surveillance of infections: surgical site, evolution of bacterial resistance by a proper use of antibiotics, the environmental monitoring: water, surface, air, medical devices... training of all professionals on ways of transmissions, precaution measures to prevent transmission of multi resistant microorganisms, use of personal protective equipment, developing protocols and the realization of audits like the evaluation of procedures and care.

A fulltime special officer is appointed to supervise the control of infection.

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