Dialysis Center

The Dialysis Center in Beit Chabab Hospital Center is one of the well-known centers in the region, by its high standards of service and high quality of treatment.

What is hemodialysis?

Simply put, hemodialysis is a process where blood is filtered outside the body by a dialyzer or “artificial kidney” and then returned to your body.If any friends or acquaintances ask you to explain hemodialysis, just remember that “hemo” means blood and “dialysis” means filter

The Center is located in the middle of a mountain where the patients can enjoy an amazing and very calming view that can help improve their psychological issues. It is composed of 15 beds connected to the dialyzers while equipped with televisions for the patients’ entertainment while going through the treatment.

Chronic kidney disease (CKD)

The Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) is a condition that occurs when your kidneys don’t work as well as they should to filter waste and toxins from your blood and keep your body chemically balanced.

The goal of treating CKD is to best manage your health at every stage. Getting informed can help you take charge of your kidney health and keep your kidneys functioning as long as possible.

The top things to know about CKD are:

The leading cause of CKD are: Diabetes & high blood pressure.

Most people are born with 2 kidneys, but you only need 1 to live a healthy life. CKD progresses in stages and can eventually lead to complete kidney failure. At this point, options include dialysis and transplant.

Benefits you receive at CHBC’s Dialysis Center

  • Treatments are performed by trained nurses and technicians, so you can sit back and relax.
  • All your treatments, labs and checkups are done in one place. There’s no need to store dialysis equipment or supplies at home.
  • You can use your dialysis time to read, rest, work on your computer, watch TV, listen to music or do something else that you enjoy.
  • You may also enjoy chatting with others just like you knowing you’re not alone on this journey can be a comforting thing.
  • You can free up your nights to pursue your hobbies or interests, enjoy social events or be with family and friends.