The Lebanese College for the Disabled

Provides the rehabilitation of quadriplegics, paraplegics and patients with central and peripheral nervous diseases, training in autonomy and independence, social reintegration through vocational training, manufacturing of prothesis/orthesis and artisanal workshops.


The Center is known by its Prothesis/Orthesis workshop where it serves a wide range of patients injured during the war or those who were injured by any other accident.

There are many reasons why people might require assistive devices such as prosthetics. The major difference between orthotics and prosthetics is that while an orthotic device is used to enhance a person's limb, a prosthetic device is used to replace a limb entirely.

Artisanal workshops

Centre Hospitalier Beit Chabab is characterized by a range of unique & popular artisanal workshops that are considered to be the best in the region.

The handicaps are the ones who design the products giving the chance for people to buy special & modern products and at the same time, these workshops help the handicaps to reintegrate in the community and to be a reproductive individuals.

The artisanal workshops are:

  • Candle workshop
  • Porcelain workshop