The Functional Rehabilitation Center

The mission of the CHBC Rehabilitation center is to promote integration and self-sufficiency by offering people the necessary support and expertise to enable them to maximize their potential and enjoy a good quality of life through its programs, the center encourages and stimulates the participation of users in the life of their community. Our highly-trained Doctors and specialists have embraced the best treatment techniques since we first opened our doors in nearly 40 years ago when the war started.

The center specializes in the physical rehabilitation of those who have suffered an illness or injury that has impaired their functional ability following orthopedic surgery, road accident, degenerative or inflammatory type of the musculoskeletal system or a lesion of the spinal cord which can lead to paraplegia or tetraplegia, or being a victim of the war etc…

Our team consists of

  • Ergo therapists: help patients to restore his activities of everyday life such as using the toilet, getting dressed, cooking…
  • Physiotherapists: help patients to regain their mobility through constant exercises.
  • Speech therapists
  • psychologists, social workers, nurses neurologists etc…

This team is supervised by a rehabilitation doctor who evaluates the patient (upon arrival) and determines what care he should receive. The Doctor reviews all aspects of the patient’s life before establishing a treatment program adapted to his or her objectives.Helping You Get Back to the Life You Live.

Altogether, doctors, rehabilitators and the rehabilitation team are delighted to welcome you and to accompany you throughout your presence at the Center by making you benefit from an atmosphere full of professionalism.

CHBC’s Rehabilitation center welcomes its patients 24 hours a day every day.